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The Culture Candy has decided to represent the unrepresented through our endeavor heART Week by heART Con. In bridging the gap between the contemporary and underground art scenes for undiscovered artist who are not yet provided opportunities in the exclusive world of museums and foundations, heART Con will brand it's heART Week as New York's Undiscovered Art Week providing opportunities for under-represented artists and connecting New Yorkers with galleries and other art venues outside of the exclusivity of museums and foundations. heART Week is an official recurring NYC art week that takes place annually every June, celebrating under-represented art and culture by providing the public with gallery, pop-up exhibitions, art events, & art & dines in NYC! 
EVERYTHING TAKING PLACE DURING heART WEEK! outside of the exclusivity of museums, foundati
New York City
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See some of the 2022 participants below

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